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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why doesn't it run in the background?

A.There are limitations as to what an app can do in the background. One of those limitations is a long running timer - anything longer than around ten minutes. These are restirction put in place by Apple for all applications.


Q.Why does my battery goes flat when using it?

A.We recommend leaving your phone plugged in when running the app. It has been designed to be as efficient as possible but as you may have it running for a long time the battery does eventually drain.


Q.Do I need to leave my phone un-muted?

A.The application will still work while the mute button is enabled.


Q.Why cant I choose some songs from my iPod?

A.Some songs have DRM protection so aren't allowed to be used by third party applications.


Q.Can I lock the phone while I am using it?

A.Please leave your phone unlocked for the application to run properly.


Q.Does the application work in landscape mode?

A.The application has been designed to only run in portrait. if this is a feature you would like to see or would like to see anything else please get in touch.





If you have any problems with the application please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help and push out a fix if necessary.

Email: admin@shakeyourapp.net

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