• Sound
  • Over 20 built in alarm sounds or create a playlist from you iPod music library
  • Light
  • Wake up to a gradually fading light using the screen or devices flash light
  • Sleep Timer
  • Set a timer to fade down music and light as you drift off to sleep
  • Extra
  • Many extra features such as a built in torch and seasonal alarm sounds

- Features -

★Sound Fade - Fade up sound gradually up to sixty minutes in advance
Light Fade- Fade up light up to sixty minutes in advance, use the front screen on built in flash light
iPod Playlist- Create a playlist from your iPod music
20+ Sounds- Built in sounds include alarms, ambient, music and seasonal
Fade Down Timer- Fall asleep as your favourite music slowly fades down
Photo Library- Use photo's from your library to wake up or fall asleep to
SAD - Can be used to help with seasonal affective disorder
Torch - Shake the device to active torch
Vibrate - Your device can vibrate to provide extra assistance if you havent woken up after sound and light fading
Flash - Set the screen to rapidly flash once the alarm time is reached
Multiple Alarms- Set and name multiple different alarms

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