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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it doesnt recognise my fingers touching the screen, what's up with that?

I have tested the game at length and noticed sometimes touches aren’t recognised or are cancelled - this is especially true in four finger and two player modes. I believe the reason for this is the way the device itself detects touches (the iPad certainly seems better in this area). Try the following:

1) Clean the screen thoroughly (and your fingers!)

2) Remove the device from its case

3) If you are resting on a fabric surface this reduces the devices ability to detect touches

4) Plug the device into the charger - this helps ground the phone and increases its ability to pick up touches - this also seems to always solve the problem

Please bear in mind any more than five touches will cancel all the current touches on the screen. The iPhone 4 seems to detect touches a lot better than the iPhone 3. If problems persist with the touch detection and you don’t think it’s your device please get in touch.


What do the different bonuses you can buy in the upgrades section actually do?

Extra Time Bonus - Gives 20% more game time

Extra Safety Bonus - Gives 20% more safety time (Safety Time: The time you have before your main time runs out after a new circle is picked)

Extra Points Bonus - Gives you 250 points whenever you press it

Enhanced Tracker - Gives a larger finger tracker which is useful if you find the default one hard to see

iFinger Twist Wallpaper - Saves an iFinger Twist themed wallpaper to you photo album

Will there be more game modes in the next version?

This really depends on how popular the game is. I have a number of ideas in the pipeline, but will only invest the time if feedback for the game is good and people are enjoying playing it. Some of the new game modes would include moving circles and also a single circle game mode called "mayhem".

Is there going to be a two player mode?

Yes this has now been implemeted after feedback from the first version

Will you be releasing an iPad version and what will the differences be?

If the game is a success I may spend time creating an iPad version. The iPad opens up a lot of possibilities for this game such as three player modes on the same screen (eleven touches allowed simulatneously). The iPad version would also cater for the "new" iPad's retina display. If you have any questions or suggestions please use the EMail link below.

The graphics looked messed up in the menus?

If you load the game with a lot of applications already loaded the graphics may fail to initiliase properly. To fix this just close iFinger Twist completly - exit the application first and then double tap the home button and also close from here. This has fixed this problem everytime I have encountered it. Closing all other open applications will also give smoother gameplay as is the case with a lot of iPhone games.