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    Welcome to ShakeYourApp.net

    iOS Development, Swift, Objective C, SQL, Github


My name is Peter Matthews. I program exclusively for iOS and am familair with both Objective-C and Swift programming languages.


My main focus is around creating apps that have real world use, though I have also dipped my toes into gaming. I have released five application on the App Store to date.


I also have a keen interest in emerging technologies such as VR, Blockchain, TOR, IOT and AI.



  • Shakeyourapp.net website updated 3.1.17
  • Work begins on Faster a fitness app for runners 20.05.16
  • N/A 28.02.15

The Apps

  • iFingerTwist

    iFinger Twist is a highly addictive and challenging finger twisting game. Hold the circles and move between them as quickly as possible before your time runs out. Whether you play with two hands or one its hard not to get your fingers in a twist! Featuring six different game modes including the dreaded tilt mode - move your phone while finger twisting to avoid time penalties.

  • Rise & Shine

    Rise & Shine allows your iPhone or iPod touch to wake you in a more natural manner. Maybe you are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and want the benefits of waking up to a slowly fading light source. Or maybe you don’t like waking up with a jolt to the sound of your alarm every morning! Three versions : Rise & Shine Lite (free) Rise & Shine (iPhone) and Rise & Shine HD (iPad)

  • Night Focus

    Ever had a great night out with friends, only to be disappointed with the photos the next day? Night Focus will fix your blurred photo problems!

  • Faster

    Faster is designed with one purpose in mind - to get you running faster. Want to run your next 10k in 50 minutes? Aiming for a 5k in 20 minutes? This app will help you monitor your progress and keep you informed when you are falling behind. Think of it as an outdoor treadmill speed control!